Changing Your Way of Thinking

I know you're probably looking at this title and thinking that this blog post will give you the answers you've always been looking for. Answers on how you can do a quick fix to your mind. Getting rid of all the negative thoughts etc. I am afraid this is wrong. It will take time for you to change things, and it won't be easy. If you put the work into it however eventually it will happen.
I have always been a negative person. I have always thought of the worst possible outcomes and thought bad things about myself. I would always disguise this as my being a realist. This was far from the truth. Instead of being real to myself I would make myself feel worse. Which was something that wasn't needed or healthy.

One of the things that I would do was concentrate too much on wanting my blog to be a HUGE success. Like we all know success is relative. So this was never going to work or be enough. Even though I had a great job that I loved I kept saying to myself this won't be long term. This meant I wasn't putting everything into my role. It got to a point for me that I had to change.

Now the things I changed weren't big things but they did make a big difference. I now appreciate the work I do so much more. I put everything into what I do. I am now working and concentrating on what I enjoy now, in this every moment. This moment in time is something that really matters the most. I am so glad I noticed this when I did. Yes, one day I would love my blog to be a success but when/if that comes I shall enjoy it. For now, Youth Work is for me. One day I might change my mind about what I want to do as a career and that's okay. It's important for everyone including myself to remember that.

You've probably had enough of me rambling on about myself now. So here are the things I did to help myself change the way I think...

I wrote a few lists. A couple of them is what I am thankful for and what I am enjoying at the moment. what goals do I want to achieve in the next couple of months that will better what I am doing now? These lists are something that helps me to look at things into perspective.

I tell myself everyday WELLDONE. Whether that's well done for getting out of bed or completing some training at work. All are valid and important for me. Some days I find it hard to get out of bed so the fact I'm getting myself to work is something I praise myself for.

Looking in the mirror and telling yourself you are awesome really works. At first, it feels silly and strange but over time you start to believe it. Whatever you want yourself to believe just keep telling yourself that.
These are just a few things I do to help myself change the way I think. I am still learning more about myself and what works for me. I do believe you need to try all of these things for things to change. They work really well alongside each other.

So if you've got something out of this blog post and that is.. YOU ARE AWESOME AND KEEP BEING YOUR AMAZING SELF!


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