Mindfulness Photography Course

Last week I got the chance to go on a photography mindfulness course. I went in blind and curious of what to expect. I already knew a little bit about mindfulness, but wondered how that could be a thing with photography.

Photography is something that I have been interested in for a long time. I love taking pictures and capturing things in the moment.

The course started off with everyone introducing themselves and saying why they were there. There was a range of ages from old to young. Some experienced photographers and some weren't. Some were confident and some were all about living in the moment. The different types of people made the experience for me. I met some really interesting people with backgrounds completely different to mine.

The first task we were asked to do was to look around the room and to notice the different textures. What could we see? Was there an interesting shadow or shape? Once we found something that our eye was drawn to we took photographs of it. With that, we found more things that we enjoyed looking at, so we took more.

A lot of mindfulness is to do with nature and the outdoors. Before we went outside we chose an outdoor object to take pictures of from the inside. We had to find interesting places to put these objects. Some worked for me and some didn't. It was still fun and super interesting.

This next bit has to be my favourite bit about this experience. We took our cameras and went outside. We had to find an area that we were drawn to. At first, we had to look at the area and see what we loved about it. Taking in all the little details that we could see. Once we felt emerged into the surroundings we started shooting.

We spoke about how in this day and age 'Selfies' are a huge thing that a lot of people are taking. But they aren't the only way of taking pictures of yourself. You can take pictures of your hands, feet or a piece of clothing that you are wearing. Sometimes these images say more about a person than a picture of their face.

The last things we did were taking pictures of a tree that we loved and of details that we found in the grounds.

Sadly I had to leave early because I needed to be somewhere so I didn't get a chance to finish the whole experience. But from what I did I enjoyed.

I learned about looking at your surroundings before you take pictures otherwise could miss some really beautiful things. Also, that being outdoors and really taking in the fresh air is super important and helps to create the most beautiful environments for photography.


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